Welcome to Haque Group

Corporate Profile

Polyplex (Thailand) Public Company Limited
- Thailand
(Manufacturer of MCPP, BOPET, etc.)

SRF India & SRF Thailand
(Manufacturer of PET, MPET & BOPP)

Thai Film Industries Public Company Ltd.
- Thailand
(Manufacturer of BOPP)

Natural Supply 2000 Company Limited
(Manufacturer of Tapioca Starch)

PT. PanvertaCakrakencana
- Indonesia
(Manufacturer of CPP & MCPP Film)

PT. Aneka KencanaPlastindo
- Indonesia
(Manufacturer of CPP & MCPP Film)

Chemact Petrochemical Int. Ltd.
- China
(Manufacturer of Fully Refined Paraffin Wax)

Zhe Jiang Shao Xing Huadong Packing Material Co. Ltd.
- China
(Manufacturer of MCPP, BOPP Film, etc.)

Gettel group (Tongcheng) plastic industry co., ltd.
- China.
( Manufacturer of BOPP film)

Tai Chin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
- Taiwan
(Manufacturer of Polyurethene)

(Manufacturer of Printing Ink )

Pidilite Industries Ltd.
- India
(Manufacturer of Adhesive, Resin etc.)

We also import PP (Film Grade, Injection Grade, Yarn Grade), PE (LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, EVA), BOPP Film, CPP Film, MCPP Film, Plain Polyester Film, Metallised Polyester Film, etc.

With the firm commitment, unerring dedication of product quality, uncompromising business integrity and affordable price, we Haque Group become the trusted part of mass-population of the country.